Rejuvenate with our Peel-Off facial masks

24K Gold Mask- Provides firming effects and reinforces the structure of the skin. The Gold mask nourishes and revitalizes the face.

Goji Mask- Provides antioxidant and stimulant effects for the skin as it stimulates cell production. Highly recommended to treat the first signs of aging.

Rgnerin Mask- Provides a regenerating & soothing effect. Great for reducing redness & after sun exposure

Black Mask- Detox and moisturize with our Black Reaffirming mask. Provides skin with intense moisture and muscle tone. Great for congested skin, acne prone skin, and open pores.

Re6tense Mask- Our firming and stimulating mask provides an intense supply of vitamins while reactivating collagen and elastin production. Results in firm and supple skin. Recommended for skin with lack of firmness.